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A Gold Series Parrot Brooch by Lea Stein - 1970s Parrot Pin

Who's a pretty rare boy then?  This is one Lea Stein parrot brooch that everyone will want to talk about!  In a 30 year career selling vintage jewellery I have only had the pleasure of finding Lea Stein  Gold Series pieces on a handful of occasions.  This wonderful  Vintage Parrot brooch from Lea Stein of Paris is nearly 50 years old. It is also a clever technical piece of work with little metal wires used within the cellulose acetate to create the pattern on the brooch.  True Vintage dating to the 1970's this old bird is a beauty and if I don't sell him I'd be very happy to keep him for myself! In excellent condition ,the parrot brooch measures a little over 3 inches by 1 inch at its tallest and widest  parts.  This parrot pin has the golden repeat "Art Deco"  pattern like Egyptian fans over the head, body and tail with toffee coloured beak and wing.   Every piece of jewellery created by Lea Stein is unique due to the hand made process and when you have a Gold Series piece its quite a special brooch.  This collectable brooch has the wishbone shaped white metal pin with roll over 'c' clasp bearing the word "Western Germany". It is certainly a genuine Lea Stein piece and true aficionados will be familiar with the fact that some of the design house's work was simply unsigned or did bear the "Western Germany" words on the fixture.   Lea Stein's brooches always sit beautifully and the lightness of the plastics ensure they are suitable for your lighter fabrics like linen but they are equally at home on the lapel of a heavy winter coat.  This  vintage 1970's Parrot brooch is a remarkable design from Lea Stein who is famed for her jewellery, particularly her animal designs which have featured cats, foxes, dogs, birds and many other things over her history.   Here is a little more information about Lea Stein and her fabulous and whimsical jewellery.....

LEA STEIN  was born in Paris in 1931 and worked as a dress designer. She began making her now famous Jewellery when her  husband, Fernand Steinberger, ( a Plastics Chemist ) discovered a process of laminating cellulose acetate to create a unique range of colours & patterns.
Buttons for her frocks were their first products; followed by brooches, bangles and earrings. The factory was forced to close in the 1980’s but has since re-opened much to the relief of costume jewellery collectors and Lea Stein fans. Lea Stein loves to produce designs based on animals and flowers. Now she is quite an elderly lady but still introduces a couple of new designs each year.
The manufacturing process used means that no two pieces are exactly alike. The fabulous designs, the ease of wearing and their quirky appeal are just some of the reasons why they are so collected around the world


Designer or Brand: Lea Stein, Paris

Condition: Excellent

Decade: 1970s

Era: Vintage

Type: Brooch

Material: Plastic Laminate Rhodoid Metal Inset

Subject: Parrot, Bird

Colours: Toffee Brown and Gold

A Gold Series Parrot Brooch by Lea Stein - 1970s Parrot Pin
A Gold Series Parrot Brooch by Lea Stein - 1970s Parrot Pin A Gold Series Parrot Brooch by Lea Stein - 1970s Parrot Pin A Gold Series Parrot Brooch by Lea Stein - 1970s Parrot Pin A Gold Series Parrot Brooch by Lea Stein - 1970s Parrot Pin

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