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1920's Armlet Bangle in Jelly Green Celluloid (Sold)

Armlets from the 1920s are often known as Slave Bangles - a title that became increasingly used after the famous silent movie 'The Sheik'.  It was very fashionable back in the roaring twenties to wear a bracelet on your upper arm and the demand for this look was met by jewellery makers everywhere.  You can buy armlets in precious metals like gold and silver, in Ivory and also in the range of early plastics that were in use at the time.  This vintage Armlet bangle is made from Celluloid and it would have been intended to have a Jade like appearance.  Now, after the passing of all those years, it has the colour of a greengadge jelly ( green Jello if you are reading this in the USA!) and it is delicious!  The armlet is a tube and it measures 3.5 inches from outer edge to outer edge and 3 inches across the open middle making the tube wall quarter of an inch.  Lovely for the very slim upper arm or fabulous as a bangle for a larger wrist.  This 1920s bracelet is in very good condition.  A perfect addition to a collection of vintage costume jewellery from the Art Deco era or lovely for your collection of Bakelite era plastic jewellery.


Designer or Brand: None

Country of Origin: Europe or USA

Condition: Very Good

Decade: 1920s - 1930s

Style: Art Deco

Era: Vintage ( 1920s - 1980s)

Type: Armlet Bangle Bracelet

Material: Celluloid, Early Platic

Colour: Green, Greengadge Jelly, Green Jello

1920's Armlet Bangle in Jelly Green Celluloid (Sold)

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