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1920'S Bangle - Celluloid Ivorine Armlet (Sold)

It is back to the Roaring Twenties with this super bangle bracelet.  Here we have an ivory coloured Armlet, the kind that a flapper would wear above the elbow.  The armlet is made from the early plastic Celluloid and when the celluoid is this colour and has markings which imitate real ivory it is often called 'French Ivory' or 'Ivorine'..  The vintage bangle also has nice tribal style slash cuts decorating it.  Bangles and Armlets like this were the height of  fashion in the 1920s and 1930s.  Extremely rich ladies would have collected real tribal ivory bangles and bracelets.  There is a fabulous photograph ( which I think is in the Getty Archives) of shipping heiress Nancy Cunard wearing her tribal ivory bangles from wrist upwards on both arms!  This type of 1920s bracelet is also known as a Slave Bangle. The ivorine armlet on offer here is in very good condition and has a lovely buttery cream colour.  Measuring 9.5 cms across its diameter on the outer edge and 8.5 cms across the inner the bangle is 1cms thick. Perfect as an armlet or as a bangle for the large wrist. 


Designer or Brand: None

Country of Origin: Europe or USA

Condition: Very Good

Decade: 1920s - 1930s

Style: Art Deco

Era: Vintage ( 1920s - 1980s)

Type:  Armlet Bangle Bracelet

Material: Celluloid, French Ivory, Ivorine

Colour: Ivory Cream

1920'S  Bangle - Celluloid Ivorine Armlet    (Sold)

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