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Watchcock Brooch - 19 th Century (SOLD)

This is a  Victorian brooch  and is an excellent example of 19th Century recycled jewellery!  This gilded brass pin is made from the workings of an early pocket watch.  When watches (which would have had real gold or silver cases)were scrapped, enterprising jewellers could not bare to throw away the lovely gilded steel watchcocks. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins were made up from these unique and intricate scrap parts.  The resulting treasures were known as 'inspiration jewellery' and this 3.5cms/1.5inch brooch is a great example!


Designer or Brand: No, this is a 'one off'

Country of Origin: UK

Condition: Very Good

Decade:  1890s

Era: Antique

Type: Brooch

Material: Gilded Steel

Watchcock Brooch - 19 th Century (SOLD)

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