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Vintage Tie Tack - White Mother of Pearl in plated metal - (SOLD)

Here is a square vintage tie tack with a panel of natural white mother of pearl. It has a pie crust gold plated edge and is in good condition. It has a pin and twist back fastening in silver tone with a chain and bar which helps to hold the tie in place by slipping neatly through a buttonhole. It may be that the front and back didn't start life together, but this is how I bought them and they fit perfectly. This tie tack has a classic style which is easy to wear and will match to cufflinks from the same era. A vintage accessory, this tie pin dates from circa 1960s to 1970s.JEWELLERY DETAILS

Designer or Brand: none

Country of Origin: UK

Condition: Good

Decade: Current

Style: Classic

Item: Tie pin, Tie Tack

Material: Natural Mother of Pearl with Gold Plated metal

A potted History of the Tie Pin..................

Ties first became part of a fashionable gent’s attire in the 19th Century. Naturally since then there have been many items of jewellery introduced as tie-control devices. Some of the earlier ones were patented and some innovative ideas were introduced in the form of a pin, tack, clip, clasp, bar, slide and chain. All of these stick pins, tie pins, tie chains, tie tacks, tie clasps, tie bars, tie slides and tie clips were designed to do one simple job: to prevent a tie from flapping, falling or moving about and to ensure a neat appearance for the wearer. Tie accessories are made from all kinds of materials, predominantly metals so you find them in the precious Gold, Platinum and Silver as well as in base metal. Tie accessories are usually decorative from conservative styles to the weird, wacky and wonderful. Tie accessories follow the trends of their era so are good examples of a particular style or fashion – for example – Art Deco or the 1960s. They are often set with a precious jewel such as a pearl, diamond, sapphire or ruby; a lesser stone or often the very smart mother of pearl and onyx are favourite inlays. Tie accessories, in the same was as ties themselves, can be used to show affiliation to a particular regiment or club or activity or sport, can be commemorative tokens and souvenirs. Tie pins and clips can be made of all kinds of materials for their decorative element such as leather, wood, jet, and early plastics like bakelite, lucite and celluloid. There is generally a metal element to them in all cases so that they are easy and practical to fasten.

Vintage Tie Tack - White Mother of Pearl in plated metal - (SOLD)

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