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Vintage Lucite Brooch with Roses - Unusual 'circle and dot' border (Sold)

This round  vintage brooch is made from Lucite and dates from the late 1940s into the mid 1950s. Lucite is Dupont's Trade name for their acrylic plastic which they patented in 1936.  ICI used the name Perspex for their similar material.  In the Jewellery trade the name ' Lucite' is favoured for all acrylic pieces as it was the most widely coined term for American Jewelry. Just recently a collection of these early plastic pins appeared on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.   It is easy to see why they appeal - each one has been hand produced so there are natural variations in the style and design, the material is light making the brooches very easy to wear.  The 'see-through' nature of the Lucite makes the brooch take on a different appearance when pinned onto various coloured clothes. This brooch is clear with two pink coloured roses and a rose bud with faded  soft green leaves.  The brooch has a very chunky main centre and then has a thin lucite border which has been engraved with a 'dot within a circle' pattern which is most effective.  It is possible that this is a French piece as the vintage lucite brooches which come from France often have detailed borders.  The central dome section of the brooch measures 3 cms in diameter,  if measured to include the border the brooch is 3.5cms in diameter and it is 1cm thick approx.  The pin is held in place at one end and then there is a rolled over clasp, like those found on tie pins, securing it at the other.

Vintage Lucite Brooch with Roses - Unusual 'circle and dot' border (Sold)

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