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Victorian Carved Whitby Jet Beads Decorative Piece -Antique Accessory (SOLD)

Here is a beautiful example of the skill of the Whitby Jet craftsmen.  This little piece of decorative beadwork is probably part of a watch chain or a decorative piece to hook on to a buttonhole or necklace. Although I am not certain exactly how it would have been used, it is most definitely Victorian - around mid 19th Century, approximately dating to the 1870s - 1880s and made of very high quality English Whitby Jet. The most exciting part of this antique piece of jewellery is the largest round bead at the end which is carved in a kind of "pine cone" style with lots of cross cuts.  This decorative bead is a little over 1cm in diameter and it is threaded with 7 other decorative carved Whitby Jet beads, three of which are faceted and are about 8 mms in diameter, 4 which are cog like in appearance and approximately 8mms in diameter and 8 smaller ( almost 4mms) smooth round Whitby Jet beads.  This Victorian Beaded piece measures five an a half inches in length including the black japanned clip at the end. It is in excellent condition on all the beads with no cracks or chips, the only parts which show their age are two on the metal loops which hold on the japanned clip, both of these loops have lost their black enamel paint.  This in no way detracts from this unusual  Victorian Whitby Jet Beadwork item.


Designer or Brand: None. Hand carved English Whitby Jet.

Condition: Very Good

Decade: 1870s

Era: Antique - Victorian - 19th Century

Type:  Beads,  Part Watch Chain

Material: Natural Whitby Jet

Victorian Carved Whitby Jet Beads Decorative Piece -Antique Accessory (SOLD)

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