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Victorian Black Celluloid with French Jet Haircomb (SOLD)

This is a neat small haircomb from the Victorian era.  It is simple in design with just two tines or prongs.  The top of the comb is decorated with lots of lovely faceted 'French Jet' jewels.  Each tiny facet has been mounted onto a metal section which has been neatly joined to the comb.  French Jet is the name given to faceted black glass and was very popular in Victorian times where it was used to imitate Whitby Jet.  The large crinoline style frocks and the Victorian code of Mourning ensured that Jet was a jewel of choice throughout the mid to late Victorian era.  After the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria insisted that Jet was the only jewel worn at court.  The Victorian lifestyle , with its strict dress code, meant that women often spend long periods of many months in their mourning clothes, yet they would still desire to look elegant and fashionable. This comb is just that - an elegant and fashionable item from a bygone era.  It is robust enough to use and enjoy and historic and interesting enough to add to your collection of Antique jewelery or vintage costume jewellery and accessories. This accessory measures 4.5cms across the top and 10.5cms in length and the prongs are slightly curved to ensure they work well when holding your hair in place.

Victorian Black Celluloid with French Jet Haircomb (SOLD)

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