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Unusual 1940's Lucite Brooch with Reverse Carved Pink Roses (Sold)

Oh how I want to keep this brooch for my own collection!  I mustn't be greedy though, my lovely customers do deserve to get the best things too.  When it comes to vintage lucite brooches with reverse carving this is one of the best I have handled in the last 5 years.  First of all the colours are superb.  We have salmon pink flowers and light green leaves and the light blue lucite back panel further enhances this. The best photo to have captured its true colour is the one which shows the brooch side on. Next we have bulk!  Some things are not good when they are chunky.  When it comes to collectable early plastic jewellery like Lucite and Bakelite jewellery those in the know want it as chunky as can be!  The natural light weight of Lucite means that despite being a great size - 2.25 inches by 1.5 inches by half an inch thick the brooch is light enough to sit nicely on a lapel, cardigan or even a bag or hat.  The shape is a rectangle with curved ends on all four sides.  This shape is true for the clear Lucite top and for the slightly wider blue Lucite base.  Within the lucite top two perfect open roses with leaves have been hand carved and they are captured there forever.  This vintage 1940s brooch fastens with a tie pin type back pin in brass which has a guarded clasp.  Needless to say it is in excellent order.  It is on my Christmas 'Wish List' - will it be on yours?

This  vintage pin is a great collectable for anyone interested in Bakelite era and early plastics .  Lucite was Dupont's trade name for their acrylic plastic material which they patented in the 1930's and is usually the name given to brooches and pins of this type.  The most common theme for them is flowers, some abstract and Art Deco in design, others very detailed - so you can tell exactly which flower is being depicted!   Vintage Lucite brooches are  usually see through so this one is very different and will always show the colour of its flowers and leaves

Unusual 1940's Lucite Brooch with Reverse Carved Pink Roses (Sold)

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