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Stratton Compact 1950s Heart Photo Locket Detail (SOLD)

Any powder compact from the past conjures up romantic images.  This collectable Stratton 1950's compact is a romantic piece.  There is a lift up heart flap to the top of the compact which holds the photo of your loved one! What an amazing bridal gift this would make. Unusued and in very good order, this Stratton compact has the original paper instructions under the locking ring where the photo is stored in a round aperture. There is the all important 'Compact in hand' Stratton logo on the inner compartment which means that you just have to push the mirrored top back slightly for the compact to magically open.  There is also the wording 'British and foreign patents applied for' on the mirror rim, Stratton obviously thought they were on to a winner with this one and wanted to protect their work from other companies!  There is a little twist in the tale here as this unusued compact contains a puff , not a Stratton puff but a 'Kigu' branded puff! I would have thought that the two companies were rivals but perhaps there was some connections?  Maybe a previous owner just muddled the puffs up! Anyway, unusued with just a couple of tiny blemishes on the mirror where the silvering has worn a bit, this compact is in great shape.  The compact measures 3 inches in diameter. The top has engine engraved designs on the gilt metal - wavy lines on the main compact friont and another contrasting pattern on the heart flap which is retained by a little button.  The reverse of the compact has yet another design, a common feature in Stratton brand vanity accessories .  In this case it is engine turned concentric circles, again there is a little bit of wear to the centre of the compact but it doesn't detract from the beauty or usabilty of this lovely old collectible compact.  Stratton were based in Birmingham and have been responsible for some delightful compacts and great gents accessories such as tie pins and cufflinks. 


Designer or Brand: Stratton

Country of Origin: Great Britain

Condition: Very Good

Decade: 1950s

Era: Vintage ( 1920s - 1980s)

Type: Powder Compact

Material: Gold plated metal

Stratton Compact 1950s Heart Photo Locket Detail (SOLD)
Stratton Compact 1950s Heart Photo Locket Detail (SOLD) Stratton Compact 1950s Heart Photo Locket Detail (SOLD) Stratton Compact 1950s Heart Photo Locket Detail (SOLD) Stratton Compact 1950s Heart Photo Locket Detail (SOLD)

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