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Reverse Carved Lucite 1940's/1950's Era 'Vase of Flowers' Brooch -Beautiful Bright Colours (sold)

This lovely old lucite brooch is in very bright colours.  The brooch has a nicely bevelled edge which not only gives it a flower shape overall but adds a reflective rim too!  The size is approximately one and three quarter inches in diameter  with a thickness of quarter of an inch.  The flowers are slightly 'crocus like' in style  with a few pointed leaves and the vase has a cross hatched cut pattern on it.  The colours include yellow, mauve, pink and blue for the flowers and faded tobacco green leaves This vintage brooch has a brass pin fastening which secures with a roll over type clasp.

Lucite is Dupont's Trade name for their acrylic plastic which they patented in 1936.  ICI used the name Perspex for their similar material.  In the Jewellery trade the name ' Lucite' is favoured for all acrylic pieces as it was the most widely coined term for American Jewelry. Lucite brooches from the 1930s, 1940's and 1950's are becoming firm favourites with collectors.  Just recently a collection of these early plastic pins appeared on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.   It is easy to see why they appeal - each one has been hand produced so there are natural variations in the style and design, the material is light making the brooches very easy to wear.  The 'see-through' nature of the Lucite makes the brooch take on a different appearance when pinned onto various coloured clothes.

Reverse Carved Lucite 1940's/1950's Era 'Vase of Flowers' Brooch -Beautiful Bright Colours (sold)

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