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Lucky 'Silver' Sixpence in WHITE Organza Bag

Here you can have a 'Lucky Sixpence' for the Bride!  All of our coins are genuine British Sixpenny Pieces.  They are mainly nickel silver and could date from the Victorian period (19th Century) or could be from any of the Monachs since then -  Edward VII, George V, George VI, Elizabeth II.   Each Sixpence comes with a printed copy of the 'Something Old, Something New' poem. 

Your Sixpence  will come in a little  WHITE Organza pouch to match up to your Bridal colour scheme.

Just to remind you the poem to bring good luck to the Bride goes like this:-

' Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
 and a Silver Sixpence for her Shoe.' 

We are reliably informed that the Sixpence fits neatly inside or outside a shoe!  Our customers have sellotaped them on the inside or underside of their shoe and have been perfectly happy! 

The price quoted is for one genuine British Sixpenny Piece Coin in a little WHITE Organza bag presented with a copy of the 'Something Old' Poem. 

Lucky 'Silver' Sixpence in WHITE Organza Bag

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