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Lucite Butterfly Brooch - 1940's Era - (SOLD)

Here is the cutest little butterfly pin I have seen in a while.  It has been hand crafted from Lucite circa the 1940s and is just the sort of thing that was created in Britain during the World War two 'make-do-and-mend' times.  Lucite was Dupont's trade name for the acrylic plastic which they patented in the thirties.  It was used in the aircraft and automobile industry at the time. Scraps and offcuts were often whittled into 'sweetheart' brooches by RAF pilots. The girls who worked in factories where plastics were used would also make good use of the material in hand-made jewellery creations.  This bright little butterfly has a naive and comic charm.  Its wings have been handpainted in blue and red with a black and white striped body.  An old key brooch has been utilised to make the pin fastening and  its outline is clearly seen when you examine the reverse side of this brooch.  The dimensions are 4cm by 3 cms approx.  Just the thing for your Vintage wardrobe; perfect on a floral frock and delightful on the lapel of a jacket.

Lucite Butterfly Brooch - 1940's Era - (SOLD)

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