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Early 20th Century Crochet Beaded Coin Purse (SOLD)

If you like little antique purses and bags or love hand beaded items this little early 20th Century beaded bag could be for you. Here is a small, brightly coloured and intricately designed coin purse in hand crocheted beadwork.  The purse is in excellent order, clean and robust with only one tiny black bead missing on its outer edge.  To be honest it may not have ever been there in the first place but if you study the pattern there is a small gap. This antique hand made purse has been made up of little round seed beads, all of them glass.  We have the black beads which look like little lumps of Cavier and then there are opalescent blue beads and white beads which have a moonstone effect.  These are worked into a geometric pattern of rectangles with bright red, strong green and yellow beads also featuring.  This lovely old purse is a hexagon shape with six segments making up the design - three segments in one colourway and three in another.  The purse has the same pattern on both sides so is decorative on each face.  Elements of the design with rectangles and triangular shapes are repeated on the handle and on the decorative tassled top piece.  It must have taken hours of patience to create this little gem! 

Now crochet beadwork was very much a hobby in the 19th Century and into the early 20th Century too in Great Britain, Europe and all over the globe. Mademoiselle Riego de la Branchardiere was credited with the introduction of crochet as a craft into Britain.  She could be described as  a 19th Century  journalist, writing for  ladies magazines of the period.   She brought out 'The Needle' publication between 1852 and 1853 and published instructions and patterns for all kinds of needlework.  Crochet work ,like this little antique purse ,required beads to be threaded onto crochet silks and then worked into a design.

I do not claim to be an expert on beadwork but I wouldn't be suprised if this little geometric patterned early 20th Century purse was made in Turkey.  It has similar designs and colours to the famous beaded snakes which were prisoner of war work.  Wherever it originated it is in lovely order with bright beads and would be a perfect addition to a collection of antique beadwork, crochet beading and vintage purses.  Measurements are a little over 2 inches in diameter for the body of the purse with the handle and decorative triangle and tassle making the purse have a total length of 5 inches.


Designer or Brand: None, this is a hand made antique purse.
Condition: Excellent
Decade: 1900s
Era: Antique ( pre 1910)
Type: Beaded Purse

Material: Fabric and Glass Seed Beads


Early 20th Century Crochet Beaded Coin Purse (SOLD)
Early 20th Century Crochet Beaded Coin Purse (SOLD) Early 20th Century Crochet Beaded Coin Purse (SOLD) Early 20th Century Crochet Beaded Coin Purse (SOLD) Early 20th Century Crochet Beaded Coin Purse (SOLD)

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