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Art Deco Powder Compact by Yardley

Art Deco powder compacts are very sought after by collectors and it is marvellous to find one in really great condition with its original box.  This vintage compact is made of chromed metal and has the chic simplicity you would expect from an item made during the 1930s.  Clean lines, neat and stylish and made to function well.  The art deco compact bears the name  'Yardley' on the front in their house style and again in block capitals on the powder retainer lid within and 'Made in England' stamped on one of the side edges. You could still use this compact today and its dinky size, 2 inches square by 1 cm wide at its widest point would make it fit in even the smallest evening bag.  The box tells us a little more as it has the product name 'Orchis' again with Yardley and London on the front right hand corner, the number 782 on the back ( probably a product line code)  plus a little label stuck to the back of the cardboard box  says ' Medium Rachel' - guess that would be the colour of the powder! Add this to your vintage compact collection or just buy it to use - fabulous!


Designer or Brand: Yardley Orchis

Country of Origin: Great Britain

Condition: Very Good

Decade: 1930s

Era: Vintage ( 1920s - 1980s)

Type: Powder Compact

Material: Chrome plated metal

Art Deco Powder Compact by Yardley

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