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1960's Vintage Flower pin in Pastel Pink, Purple and Silver


What a joy it is to find New, Old Stock pieces!  You have the original vintage costume jewellery item in Brand New Unworn Condition.  This is a lovely old metal, cold enamelled Flower Pin.  It was made in Providence, Rhode Island, USA - an area which has been at the centre of the American antique  jewelry trade since the earliest days of Vintage Costume Jewellery manufacturing. This is a great example of a 'New Old Stock' piece as it is around 40 years old and has lain in a Warehouse until now. This super pin is a piece from the Swinging Sixties.  The  cold enamel finish is bright and strong with three layers of  petals.  The first layer is Purple in colour and has been dot punched, layer two, also dot punched, is in a pastel Pink colour and the final petal layer is like a Purple Daisy around the silver button to the very centre. The contrasts between these colours gives a great effect. The  flower brooch is a good size being 3 inches in diameter!  It is finished in a random sprayed effect of purple and pink on white on the reverse.  The brooch fastens with a 'v' shaped back pin with a secure roll over type clasp.  The position of the pin ensures that this brooch will sit well on your lapel without flopping!


Designer or Brand: None

Country of Origin: USA

Condition: Excellent

Decade: 1960s - 1970s

Era: Vintage

Type: Brooch, Pin

Material: Metal with Cold Enamel

Style: Floral

Colour: Pink, Silver, Purple

1960's Vintage Flower pin in Pastel Pink, Purple and Silver

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