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1960s Flower Power! A Huge Bloom of a Brooch in Navy and Soft Blue (Sold)

What a joy it is to find New, Old Stock pieces!  You have the original vintage costume jewellery item in Brand New Unworn Condition.  This is a lovely old metal, cold enamelled Flower Pin of enormous size! This piece of jewelry is a little under 3 and a half inches in diameter.  It was made in Providence, Rhode Island, USA - an area which has been at the centre of the American jewelry trade since the earliest days of Vintage Costume Jewellery manufacturing. This is a great example as it is around 40 years old and has lain in a Warehouse until now. This super pin is a piece from the Swinging Sixties.  The  cold enamel finish is bright and strong with two layers of petals which alternate in colour - Navy and Cambridge Blue with a large light Cambridge Blue button dome in the centre.   It is finished in the same shades on the reverse.  The brooch fastens with a 'v' shaped back pin with a secure roll over type clasp.  The position of the pin ensures that this brooch will sit well on your lapel without flopping!

1960s Flower Power!  A Huge Bloom of a Brooch in Navy and Soft Blue (Sold)

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