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1950s Pale Pink Floral Brooch and Clip on Earrings

A 1950's soft pink coloured floral earrings and matching brooch set from will bring a touch of Spring. Here we have an unusued 'old stock' set presented in mint order on the original display card. I have just two sets of vintage jewellery like this. First is this lovely matching earclips and pin in pale pink shades. Each clip on earring consists of a circle of natural mother of pearl shell surrounded by 7 little cold enamel flowers each with a faux pearl bead centre. Complementing these clip-on earrings is a divine brooch, this time oval in shape but with a beautiful natural mother of pearl centre and 10 teeny tiny cold enamel flowers with the little coloured faux pearls inside.  The enamel and pearls are soft pink and you can just see a touch of gold showing through on some of the petals.Colours here are so soft and pretty.  The mother of pearl is natural toned with a slight stripe effect on one earring and it is not smooth finished but undulating like the inside of a shell.  The mother-of-pearl  gives out lustrous glows of pink and mauve from white.  Each little flower has five rounded petals and the faux pearls have been glued in place but the mother of pearl panels have been claw set. The backs and claws have a gold tone finish. the brooch fastens with an old fashioned 'c' shape guard and the clips on the earrings are nice and functional. Size is small and sweet too - each earring has a diameter of 2cms and the little matching brooch is 3 cms by 2.5 cms approximately. Now we have a brand name of 'Juliette' printed within a border on the display cards. I doubt these were particularly expensive when they were new but wow are they lovely! Now they are waiting to go out and be seen. They want to go dancing, or be worn to a ball or even more exciting to a wedding. They would look fabulous on a bridesmaid or bride if you have a vintage themed wedding and have choosen pink as your colour.


Designer or Brand: Juliette

Condition: Excellent - unused on original display card

Decade: 1950s

Style: Bridal

Era: Vintage ( 1920s - 1980s)

Type: Collectable Brooch and Clip-on Earrings

Material: Base Metal and Cold Enamel, Faux Pearls and Natural Mother of Pearl Shell

Type: Flower Brooch and Earrings set

1950s Pale Pink Floral Brooch and Clip on Earrings
1950s Pale Pink Floral Brooch and Clip on Earrings 1950s Pale Pink Floral Brooch and Clip on Earrings 1950s Pale Pink Floral Brooch and Clip on Earrings 1950s Pale Pink Floral Brooch and Clip on Earrings

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