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1940's Large Wooden Buckle with 4 Matching Buttons in Chocolate Colours

This is a lovely big buckle from the 1940s, with four buttons.  It is made of wood but appears to have been pressed in some way to make the surface decoration.  It is simple to describe the colours used as they are all the shades of chocolate ( but without the calories!).  So welcome to the white chocolate, milk chocolate and plain chocolate treat that this set is.  Now may be my love for chocs is influencing me here, but the designs on these buttons and buckles remind me of chocolate buttons too!  The buckle is a great size, almost 3 inches in diameter and the buttons are 1 inch in diameter.  The fronts are all in good vintage condition and the backs show a few scratch marks. Nothing detrimental, just what you would expect from costume items that are almost 70 years old and have been used before.  This 1940's buckle has a metal bar fixed to it with tiny screws to enable it to be used with a fabric belt.  The buttons are all attached to a metal back plate with two holes to allow them to be sewn onto a garment.    This is a wonderful set for a collector but is robust enough to use today. Dont miss this set it would be great for vintage fashion enthusiasts or anyone who loves the style of the 1940s era.

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