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1900 -1910 Continental Standard Silver Art Nouveau Fairy Button (SOLD)

This is a very pretty button marked '900' which is a slightly lower grade of silver than sterling and a standard  that was used in both continental Europe and the USA. This Art Nouveau silver fairy button dates from the turn of the century up to around 1910.  It shows a beautiful lady's head with just a fraction of a fairy wing - so romantic and so of the period.  In the USA they would say that this lady is in the 'Gibson girl' style. The outer edge of the button is nice and curvy too -another clear sign of the Art Nouveau style. The button has a self shank meaning that the loop on the back is also made of continental silver.  This loop is quite generous in size so would allow for a safety pin to be fixed through it from behind to allow this lovely antique silver button to be worn as a brooch.  The condition of the button is good with just a few surface scratches; the casting is good and clear.  This button measures about 1inch in diameter.   If you are a button collector, a fan of Art Nouveau, or someone who loves Fairy jewellery this is for you! I should point out that I have 2 of these buttons so it is possible to buy more than one if you wish! 

1900 -1910 Continental Standard Silver Art Nouveau Fairy Button (SOLD)

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